10 safety rules

And general recommendations

The smooth running of a lesson depends on the instructor but also on you:

  • Please be sure to arrive at the meeting point before the actual hour that is written on your E-card
  • You should always have on your E-card during the lessons, even for private lessons
  • If you choose to buy a package with ski pass included, your magnetic card should be placed in your coat's left pocket, which facilitates the group going through ski lifts controls
  • Even when taking a group lesson, students should be autonomous and not only count on the instructor: the student should therefore personally make sure to remain safe. 


Students are not insured by ESF. To avoid taking risks and financial trouble, we recommend you subscribe to our Carré Neige insurance:
  • Carré Neige for Adult and Child: 16.80€/ 6 days (valid during the stay only)
  • Carré Neige and cancellation insurance: 21€/ 6 days (valid before and during the stay)
  • Lessons are non-refundable without Carré Neige
  • Guarantees: www.carreneige.com