Carré neige insurance

Go safe, go Carré Neige!

Anyone enrolled in lessons is not insured by ESF. Lessons are non-refundable. We recommend students to check the coverage of their private insurance or to subscribe to a ski insurance. In order to fully enjoy your holidays, be sure to have good insurance. 

ESF Valloire offers Carré Neige insurance (valid during your stay) or Carré Neige Intégral (valid before and during your stay) which give a set of assistance and assurance guarantees in case you have an accident during your stay. 

With Carré Neige, you get the best medical help of the sector, complete prestation, rescue on slopes, refund of ski pass and ambulance transport. 

With insurance, you cover yourself but also your family and therefore limit the costs (that can be astronomical in the mountains!) 

To ski with peace of mind and freely go down the slopes, on your own, with family and friends, think Carré Neige. 

How does it work?

How much does it cost?
At ESF Valloire, Carré Neige is offered as an option when booking lessons for 6 days.
  • Any age: 16,80€ for 6 days valid during your stay at Valloire ("Carré-Neige") 
  • Any age: 21,00€ for 6 days valid before and during your stay ("Assurance annulation de séjour") 
You can also subscribe to the insurance directly at the ski lifts cashier when buying your ski pass (except for "annulation séjour").

What happens in case of accident?
Carré Neige covers the medical costs of the people rescuing or looking for you, and the first treatment they might have to give you. 

Carré Neige Extras:
  • Assistance and evacuation
  • Refund of ski lessons and ski pass
  • Additional benefits: reimbursement of medical expenses, pharmaceuticals and hospitalisation on the side of compulsory heath organisms; defence and legal action cover; ski breakeage
  • Repatriation
  • Evolution des guarantees and legibility of the contract:
    01/ complete guarantee from day 1 (no more distinction of 3-day ski passes and lessons or less),
    02/ Reimbursement form day 1,
    03/ Unique cost of 40€ per file, no more ceiling guarantee (maximum amount of 50,000€ per person and per accident),
    04/ Additional reimbursement of pharmaceuticals medical expenses and hospitalisation 
    05/ Better bad weather guarantee

Reimbursement of ski lessons*
  • In case of accident leading to a inability to ski
  • In case of illness
  • In case of early return of the family 
  • In case of repatriation of the injured person who subscribed to Carré Neige
  • To one parent (one only) who have subscribed to Carré Neige and who needs to take care of an injured child who have subscribed to Carré Neige
  • In case of complete stop of ski lifts because of weather conditions for more than 1 day on more than 80% of the ski area
*detailed conditions on

What are the steps to follow for repatriation?
  • More than 150km, if your health conditions imposes you to go back home, you can ask for repatriation by calling Europ Assistance at: + 
  • Less than 150 km and on the day of the accident: to obtain the cover of medical expenses or reimbursement, you can contact the Carré Neige Centre at: + or at +

How to get the reimbursement of ski lessons?
Fill out within 8 days the insurance claim statement available on Carré Neige website or Carré Neige offices (ESF) and then send it with proof of entitlement at the following address:
DIOT Montagne Assurances Carré Neige
BP 19 73 704 Bourg Saint Maurice Cedex

Proof of entitlement are:
  • The original ski pass (and/or the receipt of the ski pass and of Carré Neige insurance).
  • Medical certificate explaining the different injuries and precising if there was incapacity to ski.

How to follow the advancement of the reimbursement?
As soon as you have made your insurance claim, we will give you a reference dossier. 
This reference allows you to follow in real time the state of your reimbursement on the website.