Do we need to subscribe to an insurance?

Students are no insured by ESF. To avoid taking risks and being in financial trouble following an accident, we recommend you subscribe to our Carré Neige insurance.

Can I cancel lesson if I have already payed for them?

If you cancel your stay or if the person enrolled in lessons does not show up, ESF does not refund except if you have subscribed to Carré Neige cancellation of stay (21€ per person). 
If lessons have already started, ESF refunds them if you have subscribed to Carré Neige cancellation of stay insurance or Carré Neige insurance (16.80€ per person).
To avoid risks and financial trouble, we recommend you subscribe to Carré Neige insurance
If you choose to not subscribe to our Carré Neige when booking, we recommend you check your personal insurance. 

Where do I go to for my lesson?

Meeting points depends on the discipline you have chosen and/or on where you are staying. Please check this page to see where your lesson departs from.

How can I book online?

You can book any lesson on ESF Valloire website. Choose what discipline you want to practice, the timetables, the dates of your stay...
At the end of your booking, you can add to your basket ski passes, insurance and if you book lessons for your child, you will have the option to add lunch or childcare service within the Mini-Club Les Marmottons. 

Can I pay my holidays with holiday vouchers (chèque vacances) or sport coupons (coupons sports) ?

We accept these two types of vouchers. 
The only thing you need to do is to fill in the booking form. Once validated by our service, you will receive an email with the amount owed. 
When receive this email, you need to send us your holiday vouchers or sport coupons to ESF Valloire - Rue de la Sétaz - 73450 VALLOIRE - France
We do not give change back on these vouchers and coupons, please write us a cheque for the remainder. 

Do I need to buy a ski pass to do the lessons?

Ski passes are not included when booking a lesson. You can either buy it online at the end or directly at the ski lift cashier. Anyone who is enrolled in a lesson has to have his or her ski pass from day 1, except for some cases such as: Piou-Piou level, Sifflote level, Ourson level (ski pass only required from Wednesday for the latter). 
For departures from Moulin Benjamin or Verneys, ski pass is not required for Piou-Piou, Sifflote, Ourson and Flocon level. However and depending on your child's progress, the instructor can ask you to buy a ski pass throughout the week.