Ski or Snow freestyle 

Bold, eager for thrills, try out freestyle to personalize your style.

Freestyling is a discipline that combines the fundamentals of sliding to those of acrobatics and that consists on sequencing aerial tricks on skis.
With a profesional, the participants of the course will have fun on the snow park of the Crey du Quart : snowpark, initiation to the big airbag, humps, fun for teens.
  • Required level : 3rd star or class 3 - 3rd snowboard
  • Required Pass : Valloire-Valmeinier
  • Advised protections : helmet, dorsal
  • The course can take place if there are at least 8 people booked
  • Only in the afternoon during school holidays


Only during French school holidays
Season begining until February2:15 pm to 4:45 pm
French February and Easter school holidays2:30 pm to 5 pm

Freestyle course's price - without inSURANCE

Christmas, New Year's Eve, February holidays and Easter holidays
6 afternoons€ 150

Freestyle course's PRICE - WHITOUT INSURANCE

Easter holidays
6 afternoons € 134

optional during your order

Ski pass available for 6 days (Sunday to Friday)                                                                                                                       € 198
Ski insurance available for 6 days during your stay                                                                                                                  € 16,80
Ski insurance available for 6 days before and during your stay                                                                                                € 21,00

Evening freestyle initiation in private lesson

  • For ski or snowboard freestyle beginners.
  • All season
  • From 5:15 pm to 6:15 pm
  • No ski pass required
  • Booking on site only

prices initiation

For beginners
One hour private lesson for 1 or 2 persons together  € 46